These are the Best 4 Mattresses to Help With Back Pain

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Tempur-Pedic Tempur Luxe Breeze Mattress

This memory foam mattress is great for those with back pain or who overheat at night. It has an innovative technology that makes it feel up to eight degrees cooler. This is a remarkable feat because other cooling technologies for beds are cool but not cool enough to keep you cool. This cooling technology has been proven to be more comfortable than others.

It’s made from Tempur-Pedic foam is a high-quality product that provides excellent pressure relief. It can also reduce motion transfer, i.e. You won’t likely feel your partner moving at night. This foam uses phase-change technology to store and release heat for cooling.

Notes from the testers Our testers all noticed an improvement in their sleep quality due in part to the foam’s cooling properties and quality. One tester raved, “We have slept so good since we got it.” It has also held up extremely well over the years, and they say it still feels great after years of use.

Avocado Green Mattress

The mattress is made from organic materials like cotton, wool, and latex. It has been certified by GOTS and GOLS so that you can be sure that the entire manufacturing process follows specific guidelines. Although it is firmer than average, you can purchase a plush pillowtop starting at $300. This brand recommends this mattress for side sleepers. It also comes with a one-year trial, which is more than many.

It’s made from Latex, which is firmer than memory foam, is used in this mattress. Below the latex is a layer of ergonomically-designed coils to support proper alignment. For temperature regulation and comfort, it also uses wool and cotton near the outer layers.

Notes from a tester This mattress is loved by users. Some even said that it evenly distributes their body weight. One user described her experience as “supportive and I don’t have to wait in pain like I do with other mattresses.” Many people noted that the mattress has not suffered any “dips” or other indentions over the years.

Helix Midnight Mattress

Helix will ask you to take a questionnaire about your body, your sleep position and your personal preferences. Then, they’ll give you recommendations based upon the results. Its most popular mattress is the Midnight. This mattress has a medium level of firmness for side sleepers. However, there are many other options available, including one for larger people.

It’s made from The hybrid model is composed of a layer of pressure-relieving foam and a layer polyfoam to provide ernomotic support. For durability, the foam is placed on top of coils individually wrapped that provide more support.

Notes from a tester Users who have tested the brand’s mattresses say they are supportive and comfortable. The quiz was also very helpful for the couple, who were able to share their results with each other so that they could both find the right mattress.

Layla Memory Foam Mattress

This all-foam mattress-in-a box gives you the option of a firm or soft feel. It’s made up of two sides One has soft foam and the other has firm foam. In the middle, there are layers of support foam to ensure durability. It has a two-sided design and is infused with copper particles to prevent heat buildup that is often associated with memory foam.

Tester Notes Our panel of reviewers loved how it conformed to their bodies. They also said that it was ideal for side sleepers. It also received high marks for support. Our panel was mixed on whether or not the cooling effect was noticeable.