Blackman Plumbing: Supply Says Thank You


Blackman Plumbing Supply Co Inc., Bayport, NY, has issued a letter thanking Mueller Industries, Memphis, TN, for its emergency materials provided to Blackman in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

The correspondence by Kevin Gordon, manager of advertising for Blackman Plumbing Supply, reads:

Mueller’s timely reply and exceptionally generous proliferation of funds was greatly valued and talk to the worthiness of the excellent connection between both associations. We’d like to especially acknowledge Greg Christopher who spearheaded this initiative together with Jeff Harris who collaborated on a neighborhood level and both people who drove 19 hours directly from Memphis into our Mahwah, NJ division – John Parker and Chris Pyle.

Robert Mannheimer, President and CEO of Blackman Plumbing Supply was quoted as stating”Mueller’s goodwill gesture George Morlan Plumbing was really remarkable. The New York Metropolitan region was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy as well as the resources provided by Mueller were ones urgently wanted. The generators supplied managed to help restore electricity to two of our branches that enabled us to find emergency gear into the hands of builders who subsequently worked to pump individuals basements out, receive their heat back and supply hot water to people in need. I’d love to extend my sincere gratitude to all of the folks at Mueller who helped create this act of kindness potential. Your efforts will help us get through this crisis.”

Hurricane Sandy has been among the biggest storms in history to hit the nyc region. Record storm strikes were listed at Manhattan and wind speeds exceeding 80 miles were recorded throughout the region. The eye of the storm passed by New Jersey’s coast nearby Atlantic City where nearly a foot of rain fell. Millions were left without electricity causing shortages of food, gas and water. After the storm, the temperatures started to drop just complicating matters. Preliminary damages happen to be projected approximately $50 billion. “Blackman Plumbing is pleased to deepen our partnership with TOTO, an industry leader known for expecting and producing another generation of fxtures,” explained Robert Mannheimer, President and CEO of Blackman Plumbing Supply. “Our new relationship with TOTO enables Blackman Plumbing to continue to give our discerning clients world-class goods at the leading edge of modern design”

With this distribution arrangement, TOTO and Blackman embark on a new connection that provides TOTO increased supply channels by which to supply clients in the Northeast area of the U.S. using its entire line of residential and business goods for the entire toilet, which are set the benchmark for world-class functionality and innovation since they help enhance people’s wellbeing.

“The Northeast area of the U.S. is a top priority for TOTO,” stated David Krakoff, President of the Americas Revenue Division to get TOTO USA. “Our ability to associate with a company of Blackman’s grade to improve our policy of Long Island, New York, and New Jersey is an especially signifcant occasion” Krakoff noted that Blackman adopts TOTO’s core values–innovation and technology in products which respect the environment when fulfilling people’s needs for relaxation, beauty, functionality, and style for individuals of all ages. “Both companies share these values, thus we envision a huge degree of success and expansion together later on,” Krakoff reasoned.

Universally known because of their enduring quality, reliability and ageless elegance, TOTO goods’ added range of accessibility through all Blackman’s places will be a significant addition to TOTO’s nationwide offering.

“Like TOTO, Blackman retains the consumer experience in the Maximum respect,” stated Jason Fitzsimmons, Vice President of the United States Revenue Division to get TOTO USA. “They consistently go above and beyond what’s anticipated to give excellent service during the revenue cycle– before, during, and following purchase.” Fitzsimmons continued,”Working with Blackman supplies

TOTO with enlarged access to retail, wholesale, and business clients from the important Northeast area and provides us more chances to effciently deliver goods where and when our clients need them”

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