Garden tap: 12 stylish outdoor taps 


We’ve selected twelve of the most stylish garden tap. They are not only functional, but also look great and can be a focal point in your garden.

Water is essential for all garden tasks, including watering the plants, cleaning up veg from your yard, or just rinsing off your shoes before you go back inside.

A watering can is a must, but a direct connection to an outside water source will make it easier and more efficient to manage the water supply to your garden.

Arjan Metal Garden Water column – The top garden taps you can buy

This stylish water column is made from aluminum and features a chromed brass faucet. It comes in one piece and does not require any assembly. To water your garden, you will only need to attach yourhose to the connector at the top.

The back of the hose holder has a bracket that allows you to hang it up when you’re done. This keeps the minimalist design clean and helps keep your garden clutter-free.

Double Garden Tap

The double garden tap has two water outlets and is twice as easy to use. One quarter turn will divert water flow from an outdoor tap to a hose connection. This allows you to switch tasks easily.

You may need to maintain the silver-colored stainless steel made from marine grade stainless.

“Forever Diamond” Garden Tap

This garden tap is unique and ideal for modern gardens. It features a distinctive diamond-shaped handle and an ornamental backplate.

The “Forever Diamond”, a brass-handcrafted tap, has a bright chrome finish that will make it stand out even on sunny days.

Free Standing Garden Tap Station

This free-standing tap has a contemporary but elegant look. It can be installed anywhere in your garden that is within your water supply’s reach. This is especially useful for larger gardens, where it might be difficult to drag your hose to the farthest plants.

Made in Germany using high-quality materials and workmanship. There are two access points to the tap that allow water supply from either the rear or underneath.

Garden Standpipe

You can easily believe that this tap was made from real stone, not Polyethylene as the actual manufacturing ingredient. This outdoor tap is available in a variety of stone effects, including dark granite and light granite. The UV protected plastic ensures that the natural stone effect lasts for years without fading in sunlight.

This garden tap is freestanding and has a sturdy appearance. It can also be carried around easily to find the ideal position for your green space.

1/2 Inch Lever Outside Tap

This is the right design for you if you are looking for a classic, simple design. This outside tap has a subtle design that blends into the background and will not draw attention to the rest of the garden.

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