The Best “Garden Trolley” Cart


Draper’s cute and useful garden trolley is both attractive and practical. The steel subframe can support up to 200kg. This is enough for transporting soil, logs, or any other items.

Draper Garden Tipper Cart – Green

The large pneumatic tires are also very popular. They can roll on almost any surface including grass and mud. This tire will be a hit with those who support local businesses, as it was made by a century-old British company.

Pros Garden trolley

  • Transports up to 200kg, which is plenty of space for many uses
  • Pneumatic wheels that are heavy-duty and suitable for all terrains
  • Steel subframe – lightweight but strong
  • It is easy to maneuver and more stable than traditional wheelbarrows
  • Homegrown brand – a century-old British business

Cons Garden trolley

  • It can be difficult to put together – it may test your patience Garden Trolle before you succeed
  • Poor instructions won’t help you build it.

Grandma Shark Heavy Duty Garden Cart

This Grandma Shark cart could be your answer if you are looking for a cart to move tools and other items around in your garden, without having to make multiple trips.

The interior is made of oxford cloth and has two side pockets with mesh for additional storage. We also like the fact that it folds easily and can be lifted up to place in a van or car if needed.

Pros Garden trolley

  • Easy to maneuver – great manoeuvrability
  • Oxford cloth interior – a durable and resistant material
  • Side mesh pockets – Great for additional storage
  • Easy to fold up for storage and easy to unfold when needed
  • This is a great value for money, a true bargain at this price

Cons Garden trolley

  • Not suitable for wet grass and mud.
  • Maximum load is only 70kg. Not suitable for heavy-duty work.
  • Garden trolley can be used as versatile tools

Garden trolley can be used for many tasks and are versatile tools. However, there are so many choices on the market that it is difficult to know what to look out for.

Maximum Load

It is important to know how heavy a trolley can hold. Heavy-duty trolleys can hold up to 400kg, while lighter models can carry only 70kg.

You should consider the type of item you will be transporting before you buy and then make your purchase.

Capacity of Garden Trolle

A  Garden trolley’s volume can be considered the same as its weight-bearing capability. This is important if the trolley is used to transport soil or gravel.


A Garden Trolley that is strong and durable and made from tough materials will be able to withstand heavy duty work.

If it is intended for light work, then a less strong and thus more expensive option could be acceptable.

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