How to Find the Best Mold Inspections West Palm Beach has to Offer


Mold inspection in West Palm Beach, FL. is a popular service that homeowners and businesses seek all year long. The reason why mold inspections in West Palm Beach are so popular is because this city has more mold damage incidents than most other cities in the country due to humidity mixed with heavy rainfall, flooding incidents, high moisture levels, and hurricane damage. Considering the fact that mold inspections are so commonly sought after, the number of mold inspection companies in the area are high. That said, knowing how to find the best mold inspections West Palm Beach offers, you need to know how to identify the right companies that deal with mold. This article is intended to help.

Does the Mold Inspections West Palm Beach Company Also Offer Water Damage Restoration? 

Where there is mold, there is also usually water damage. That said, when looking for the best mold inspections West Palm Beach offers, make sure the provider is also licensed and certified to perform water damage restoration. For example, let’s say a homeowner notices an appliance leak, and upon reaching behind the dishwasher, the floor is spongy and clearly damages. There is also a musty odor that coincides with the sign of mold. The homeowner knows she needs a mold inspection due to the odor and spongy floor, but she also wants the floor repaired and to ensure the home is safe. The best mold inspections West Palm Beach providers will be able to eliminate all remnants of mold, and also restore structural elements damaged by leaks. 

The Best Mold Inspections West Palm Beach Offers Will Be Done Using State-Of-The-Art Equipment 

Mold inspection equipment from over a decade ago will not detect every trace of mold in a home. This is why mold inspections West Palm Beach offers need to be done by technicians using the latest technology. Companies like Titan Remediation in West Palm Beach has the latest mold detection and mold removal tools to ensure homeowners and businesses are mold free. In fact, Titan Remediation is the only mold removal company in West Palm Beach to use dry fogging. Dry fogging is a mold removal service in which, after mold inspections are completed, a cloud based in hydrogen peroxide is sprayed via cold sterilization to eradicate all mold spores, pathogens, viruses, and any other pest that might be floating in the air, resting on services, or hiding in narrow spaces such as inside HVAC systems, in between wall tiles, and embedded in the folds of drapes.

Mold Inspections West Palm Beach Services Need to be 24/7 

You never know when the signs of mold may surface. It can be 2AM and you get up for a drink of water, and notice a wet spot on your wall. You don’t want to wait until normal business hours for fear that the pipe leak behind the wall will get worse, and you smell mold–you don’t want this to spread. This is why mold inspections West Palm Beach services need to be available 24/7, with a speedy response time by the technicians.

When you find mold inspections West Palm Beach services offered by companies that nod to the above points, you will be in a great position to work with the best mold inspection company in West Palm Beach.