Is it a good idea to repair or replace my toilet?


Even with all the daily use, your toilet is still a sturdy fixture. Sometimes, however, this vital plumbing fixture can cause you problems. It can be tempting to rush out to buy a new one when this happens. The AL plumbing company Bessemer region are able to solve any problem with your plumbing system. Our list of services is exhaustive and our plumbing experts are on hand anytime of the day. For the greatest convenience and time savings, our Bessemer plumbers have sufficient parts and supplies to swiftly and effectively fix all plumbing issues that may arise in Alabama.

Is it really worth the expense? Sometimes yes, sometimes not. Learn when to repair or replace a toilet.

When it’s time to repair

These four problems are very annoying. You can often resolve these issues with a toilet repair.

Toilet is clogged

A clog occasionally is normal. Often, you can repair it yourself using a plunger. If your toilet is clogging more often, you should investigate. Are you putting stuff down your toilet that isn’t supposed to be there?

Your family should only flush bodily waste and toilet paper. It is important to use toilet paper that dissolves easily and not too much. A clog in the toilet that is blocked by “flushable”, feminine hygiene products or toddler’s Legos will be a problem and will require professional attention.

Toilet is always running

Only flush the toilet. Water should only flow from the tank to the bowl. If your toilet is making the sound of running water, it may be a problem. A worn flapper valve can cause a toilet to run continuously. This is because it’s not sealing properly. You might also have a leaky fill valve or calcium buildup in your pipes.

Toilets with low water levels

The water level in the toilet bowl and tank should remain the same, unless you have just flushed. If you notice a drop in water level, make sure that the shutoff valve has not been closed accidentally. A low water level could indicate a partial toilet blockage.

If water is dripping onto the floor or from the sides of your toilet, it could be a sign that there is a serious leak.

Toilet Stinks

Sometimes, the toilet can smell really bad even after it has been cleaned. You might try flushing the toilet a few times if it isn’t being used often (e.g. in your guest room or cottage). If it doesn’t, the odour is likely to be caused by a broken seal or bacteria in your overflow pipe.

Toilets need frequent repairs

If you feel as though you are constantly paying for toilet repairs, it is likely that you are wasting money. If this is the case, you might want to spend your money on a replacement toilet.

A new toilet is more reliable and will not cause any problems. A new toilet can save water and still have a strong flush. A toilet approved by the ADA will make it easier to use for elderly or mobility impaired family members.

Toilet Cracked

Your toilet may be in serious trouble if you see cracks in the porcelain, even a small one. Cracks can become larger and pose a threat to the toilet’s structural integrity. It is impossible to repair a crack in the toilet.

Toilet isn’t secure

It is uncomfortable to use a toilet that moves or rocks at its base. You may need to tighten the bolts holding the toilet seat in its place. If this doesn’t work, the problem could be that your toilet is wobbly because of improper installation, insufficient sealing, or damage to flooring due to an active leak.