Six Tips on How to Choose a Wicker Rocking Chair for Your Patio

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Six Tips on How to Choose a Wicker Rocking Chair for Your Patio


A lot of us have to face difficult decisions from time-to-time, but don’t let the decision of buying a new rocker chair be one of those for you. These guidelines will help determine if a rocker is right for you. Knowing what to look for will assist you in selecting a rocking chair and ensure you live happy for many years to come.

1. Construction & Quality

To make sure the rocker you select lasts for an extended time and is efficient, it must be made of high-quality materials. It must also be held in place so Home Improvement that the frame is solid. It is crucial to ensure that your frame’s joints are not loose. The frame should also be homogeneous.

It is recommended to weave tightly on the frame any material that you employ to cover it, such as wickercane. There shouldn’t be loose ends or give to the frames’ surfaces. If these conditions are met, this will usually ensure that the construction is good.

2. Use both indoors and outdoors.

If you are going to keep your rocker indoors, the material it is made from is not as significant as if you intend to use it outdoors. There are rockers made of natural or synthetic materials for indoor use. If you plan to use your rocker outdoors it is best to choose one that is weather-resistant, like resin, aluminum, or powder coated steel. These are materials that resist corrosion and are resistant to the elements.

3. Style

The style of your rocker will dictate how it fits in with your interior. It is important to choose a style that matches or blends in with your existing furniture. You’ll have plenty of options to put the rocker as a stand-alone piece on your patio or porch.

Some rockers do not require cushions, whereas others, such as deep seating rockers, need the use of both back and seat cushions. If you are seated for extended periods of time it is advisable to consider a deeper seating rocker because they provide an extra soft and lasting comfort. A standard rocker will suffice for the majority of people, however you can add a cushion to the seat.

4. Size

When it comes to rocking chairs, size is crucial. The furniture industry is not familiar with the idea that everybody is different. Thus, when shopping for a rocking seat, we only have one option per design being offered. The best part is that every model is distinct. There are rockers that fit you better than other models.

Someone with a smaller height should ensure that the height of the ground to the seat is enough for the legs. You should also make sure you test the chair using a seat cushion when you are planning to make use of one.

It is essential to make sure that the seat width is adequate for your body if you have a larger frame or are over 220 pounds. For instance, the most common wicker rocking chair dimensions are 18 in. wide by 18 inches. deep, or 19 in. wide x 19 in deep. Whereas, deep-seated wicker rockers offer an approximate 23-in. dimensions: 24 inches wide x 24 inches tall Seat with back cushion.

5. The use of a cushion, or Use of a Cushion

Standard rockers come without a cushion for the seat. You can pick one. Most people like to have the cushion in place from the start. If you’re not interested in the expense, or do not think it’s essential, there’s no need to purchase one. Try the rocker out for a while, you could easily add a cushion in the future.

6. The Rock

You want the rocking chair to feel comfortable. The design of the rocking chair will determine how rock-friendly it is. The curvature of the runners as well as the angle of their installation and the lengths of legs in relation to the overall length of the chair play a factor in how the chair rock. You’ll be surprised to learn that not all rocks are identical. It’s possible that you’re picking the wrong rock if you aren’t sure.