The garden riddle Sieve is a great tool for removing stones and other debris from the soil.

This can prove to be very useful when you make your own potting mixture or are sifting compost from homemade materials to remove larger twigs and other matter that has not been broken down.

You can use a garden sieve to wash gravel, aquaponic, or hydroponic media, or to clean your homegrown produce before you bring it indoors. You can use smaller mesh sieves to separate seeds from chaff, if you wish to preserve your seeds for cooking or sow them in your garden next season.

It doesn’t matter what you use your garden riddle Sieve for, it’s important to pick the right one. Reclaimed wood frames and recycled fencing mesh can be used to make your own riddle sieve.

You might not have the time or desire to do a DIY project. Here are five of the best UK garden riddle Sieves. These products have been selected for their high quality and ease of use.

Best Pick: Spear & Jackson Riddle

Cost: PS19.05

This stainless steel riddle can be used to sift soil or compost, and remove larger stones or un-composed material. This product is chrome-plated for strength and durability. It can be used to sift soil or compost, as well as removing larger stones and uncomposted material.

This is the 2018 winner of the British Growing Award. It measures 330mm in circumference and has a grid of square holes running across its base. Each square centimetre is the size of one square centimetre. This product is more durable than many other plastic products, and it will last longer than most. This product could be useful if you want to improve your composting and reduce food waste. If you also plan to grow your own food, this could be a great option.

Pros Garden Riddle

Large mesh allows for larger stones and pieces to be caught while allowing the soil or compost to pass freely.

Strong and solid stainless steel construction makes this product far more durable than other products.

Cons Garden Riddle

You should wear gloves when you’re working in it.

They will allow through smaller stones but are not suitable for finer sorting or sifting projects.

Value Pick: Apollo Gardening Sieve Mesh

This Garden Riddle powder coated steel means it will last a long time. This sieve is a very affordable option. This mesh measures 6mm in diameter, so it will be able to sift smaller stones and other debris than the one above.

This product can be used to create a smooth soil, or compost, which can then be used for any purpose you may want. It is less expensive than other products on the market but it is stronger than others so it can handle any job in your garden.


For durability, steel can be powder coated.

For a strong product, the pricing is extremely competitive.

6mm mesh is suitable for finer work.


There are no handles so it may be more difficult for some to use.

Finer mesh makes finer soil/compost, but it will take more effort to get it through.

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