How to Become a “General Electrician”?


General Electrician are those who install and maintain wires and fixtures that carry electricity from power stations and through buildings. California has a need for more chief electricians, control and industrial electricians, maintenance and other electricians.

General electrician can earn

A higher salary than average without requiring a four year degree. The Electrical Technology program at San Joaquin Valley College can help you finish your electrician education and prepare you to take the California General Electrician’s Certification Examination in just 10 to 14 months.

What is a General Electrician?

General Electricians are responsible for the maintenance and repair of electrical systems in buildings and other structures. The electrical work includes control and communications systems, lighting, as well as control systems in factories and commercial buildings.

  • The following tasks are performed by General Electricians:
  • Inspection of electrical components such as circuit breakers.
  • Maintaining, installing, and maintaining lighting and control wiring.
  • Hand and power tools are used to replace or repair fixtures, wiring, or other equipment.
  • Supervise and train other electricians.

Reading blueprints to determine where outlets, circuits and other equipment should be placed in a building.

To Find Electrical Problems, you can use Testing Devices

General Electricians need to be familiar with and adhere to local and state building codes, which are based on National Electrical Code. They might work in construction sites, installing wiring or other equipment before it is hidden behind walls.

Maintaining equipment requires that electricians identify and fix problems. Parts of electrical equipment may need to be replaced or repaired by them. This could include a motor, a light fixture, or a transformer.

Experiential electricians can help to design an electrical system for a new structure while working alongside an architect or building engineer. They might work alongside other contractors to complete projects like HVAC design and installation.

The Benefits of Being a General Electrician

  1. You can develop the skills you need to be an electrician by training. Your pay may increase as you get more experience and become a chief electrician.
  2. Entrepreneurs can work as electrical subcontractors for home builders or construction companies to be self-employed. If you have the entrepreneurial skills to run an electrical contractor business, it is possible to start your own company.
  3. In 2019, the median annual salary for General Electrician was $54,180, which is more than that of workers in other construction trades. It is significantly higher than the $39,810 national median annual wage for all occupations.

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