London Home Renovation Tips


You can have a better life by undergoing a home remodel for many reasons. XMX London offers clients an all-in-one solution to all of their building needs. We are located in Central London and strive to be the best in London renovations, luxury, comfort, and design.

* Improved Living Experience – Once the renovation is completed, your home will feel brand new and will be built in the way you prefer. This will make your home more comfortable and provide many other benefits.

* Long-term savings – Older houses may not be as energy efficient. You can bring in new appliances and add new features to your home, including double glazing, insulation and boilers. These features can help you save money and reduce your energy consumption over the life of your property.

A full renovation can make your home safer. The structure will also be tested and electrically tested. This will increase safety and durability of your home.

* Increase the value of your home – A renovation can bring a lot of equity to the property. Recent research has shown that a kitchen or bathroom remodel can increase the value of the project by 10% and a heating system upgrade by 10%. This can make home renovations a worthwhile investment.

What is required for a complete home transformation?

You have now read all of the information and decided to completely remodel your home. What are the steps required to make this happen?

The list could go on, but these are the key components to a London home renovation.


Extensions are often a part of home renovations. This includes adding a conservatory or extending a kitchen. It also requires professional building work.


Windows and doors can age a house and increase energy consumption. While they may seem expensive, replacing windows and doors with double-glazed ones, or installing new window fittings, can make a big difference in a renovation.


A new floor can make all the difference in a building. You can install carpet, laminate flooring, tiled flooring or real wood flooring. If you don’t have a professional to do it properly, there may be problems down the road.


You will need a new oven and dishwasher if you are ripping out your kitchen and starting over. Properly installed and utilized to their full potential, appliances such as heating systems or smart home systems can give a huge boost to a house’s value.


You must ensure that all electrics, water, and gas are correctly installed when installing appliances or features. You could put your home and your health at risk. It is important to have professionals do the work and issue the certificates.


Decoration is the last step in a home renovation. The final step in any home renovation is decoration. Adding furniture and painting walls can make a big difference and can increase the property’s value.


These are the top three tips for renovating your home.

1. You should choose your budget carefully – It is not a good idea to reach a point where you cannot spend more money on renovations. You can have some flexibility in the event of unforeseen circumstances and ensure that your project is feasible from the beginning.

2. Choose the Right Team to Help You – Take your time in choosing the right team to help you move forward with your project. This team is a big decision. Make sure they are qualified and have a common vision. It will be easier to discuss the project with the team you choose.

3. Talk to the team that’s doing the work – This is your home being renovated. You must be involved. Although you might not be able do the work, it is important that you are available to guide the team and speak with the project manager about how you would like the final result to look.