Plumbing Symbols: A Guide to Help


Plumbing Symbols: What do they mean?

When drawing house plans or diagrams, plumbing symbols are used. These symbols are used to identify the location of various elements in your Gillingham based plumbers system. While some symbols are easy to understand, others may be more complicated. If you are based in Kent, UK, then try these for a professional and reliable service.

Plumbing Pipes

Different lines are used to represent plumbing Blackman Plumbing pipes. These lines will help you get an idea of how your plumbing is laid out. It is important to determine the exact location of your pipes, as they can have an effect on where fixtures can be placed and may also impact the design of your house.

Waste Pipes

  • If they are not above ground, waste pipes can be represented as solid lines.
  • To represent a waste pipe that is underground, use large dashes.

Vents plumbing symbols

  • There will be lines with smaller dashes.
  • These lines are vents.
  • These tiny dashes will be used as a representation of the main vent stack, and smaller vents that are connected.

Water Supply

  • Combinations of dashes are used to signify water supply lines symbols.
  • To represent cold water supply lines, you can use a large dash and then a smaller dash.
  • A hot water line is represented by a large dash followed with two smaller dashes. A hot water return line will require a large dash followed with three dots.

Fire Line plumbing symbols

  • You can use large dashes to represent a fire line in your diagram.

Gas Line plumbing symbols

  • The same symbol would be used, but the letter G would represent a gas pipeline.

Tees & Elbows

  • Pipes are connected by elbows and teeth.
  • These symbols will help you identify how pipes connect.

Fittings & Valves

  • The plumbing symbols that represent fittings and valves indicate if a fitting is soldered or screwed.
  • It is crucial to know how to distinguish between fittings from valves in order to choose the right symbol.

Turned-Up Elbow plumbing symbols

You can represent a turned-up elbow by drawing a circle with a dot inside. To represent the fitting, add a small dot to the pipe near the circle.

Double-Branch Elbow

  • A double-branch elbow symbol includes lines that form the branch, and a dash across three plumbing lines.
  • The dashes must be placed before the intersection.
  • The same symbol can be used to represent a Tee, but ensure that the lines are at least 90 degrees.
  • A tee outlet can be represented by drawing a circle on the Plumbing Symbols and then adding dashes to the line.

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